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User data protection

Game-Debate values its users and will do everything it can to respect any data they provide. Certain user information will be treated as sensitive and treated as private, while other data will be public. Game-Debate will identify the difference between these data types to its users where appropriate. Game-Debate believes that maintaining and preserving the privacy of user data is an important value. This Privacy Policy, together with other policies, resolutions, and actions by Game-Debate, represents a committed effort to safeguard the security of the user information that is collected and retained on our servers. Nevertheless, Game-Debate cannot guarantee that user information will remain private. We acknowledge that, in spite of our committed effort to protect private user information, determined individuals may still develop data-mining and other methods to uncover such information and disclose it. For this reason, Game-Debate can make no guarantee against unauthorized access to information provided in the course of participating in Game-Debate or related communities.


Whilst every care has been taken to get the best data available, it is not possible to warrant that all the information provided is 100% accurate. Most of the figures are based on information supplied by publishers and developer studios, and Game-Debate shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the use of this information or any other information supplied on the site.

Please be advised that nothing found here has necessarily been reviewed by people with the expertise required to provide you with complete, accurate or reliable information.

That is not to say that you will not find valuable and accurate information in Game-Debate; much of the time you will. However, Game-Debate cannot guarantee the validity of the information found here. The content of any given article may recently have been changed, vandalized or altered by someone whose opinion does not correspond with the state of knowledge in the relevant fields.

Please contact us if you spot something odd, or would like more explanation.

Online access

It is intended that the Game-Debate website be available all the time, apart from short periods for updating, simplifying or expanding the site. We cannot guarantee uninterrupted access, but would like to hear if users are having problems. We are currently housed on a remote server; however, this can cause connection timeouts for which we are sorry. It is our intention that as the popularity of the site grows so will the level of service.

Intellectual property

The design, methodology, text, graphics, code and software used in the site belong to Game-Debate or third parties who have given permission for use in this context. All rights are reserved. User content and articles are submitted willingly and become the copyright of Game-Debate. With this in mind the user has complete access to delete their submitted content until 28 days after initial submission. Game-Debate reserves the right to remove any content that it deems offensive or inappropriate without explanation. If publishing houses or development studios find published content within Game-Debate inappropriate they are encouraged to contact Game-Debate to discuss its review/removal.

Jurisdiction and legality of content

Publication of information found on Game-Debate may be in violation of the laws of the country or jurisdiction from where you are viewing this information. The Game-Debate database is stored on a server in the UK and is maintained in reference to the protections afforded under local law. Laws in your country or jurisdiction may not protect or allow the same kinds of speech or distribution. Game-Debate does not encourage the violation of any laws, and cannot be responsible for any violations of such laws should you link to this domain or use, reproduce, or republish the information contained herein.

Links to other websites

Links to other websites are provided for further information, but we accept no liability with respect to their content and availability.


Any trademarks, service marks, collective marks, design rights or similar rights that are mentioned, used or cited in the articles within the Game-Debate website are the property of their respective owners. Their use here does not imply that you may use them for any purpose except for the same or a similar informational use as contemplated by the original authors of these Game-Debate articles. Unless otherwise stated, Game-Debate is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with any of the holders of any such rights and as such Game-Debate cannot grant any rights to use any otherwise protected materials. Your use of any such or similar incorporeal property is at your own risk.

If we missed anything, let us know. If you disagree with anything, also let us know. That all said, please enjoy the site and drop us your thoughts and comments.